Wednesday, July 27, 2011



As many of you know, I was laid off unexpectedly in April. The business was going under and since I was the low man on the pole, I was the first to go.

Anyways... At first, I really struggled with staying home. I am used to working, and while I LOVED my time with Brycen, I worried about bills, money, and the normal aspects of being an adult. I know the Bible says not to worry, that tomorrow will take care of its self, but my flesh is weak! I applied for many many jobs with no luck!!!

And then... 3 months later, a sweet friend told me about a teaching job. (side note, before I lost my job I had looking into going back to school for teaching, but never persued it whole heartedly because I never felt like I receive clarification from God.) Anyways, so the next day I called the school to set up a meeting with the principal for the following Thursday. I also began restudying for my certification test. I took my test the next Saturday... LONG STORY SHORT .. GOD provided a job for me!! I will be teaching Math and Speech for a middle school in Garland.

So if you are wondering about HIS ordained plan for you, please know He does have a plan for you. His PLAN is way better than any plan you can create on your own. Jeremiah 29-13... believe it, commit it to memory...

Thats all for now :)

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